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Iran (Factory Address)

Malayer-Hamedan Rd before the furniture industrial estate


196, Highbury New Park, London, N5 2LH


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Pak Tak Malayer Services

Pak Tak offers a range of professional services in the dried fruit industry, ensuring the delivery of top-quality products to our valued customers. With direct communication with farmers, we source the finest products, process them using modern equipment and skilled workforce, and package and deliver them based on customer orders. We guarantee international standards, prioritize customer satisfaction, commit to continuous improvement, and take pride in our exceptional services that complement our premium dried fruit products.

Sourcing and Selection

We carefully source and select the freshest and highest-quality fruits from reputable farmers to meet our customer needs and demands.

Cleaning and Washing

All products undergo thorough cleaning, washing, and drying processes, ensuring the removal of impurities while preserving their natural taste.

Pest control

Pest control is a vital step in the production process, carried out with precision and special attention to deliver exceptionally healthy products.

Sorting and Grading

Our advanced mechanical, laser, and X-ray sorting machines precisely sort and grade our products, ensuring uniformity in size and quality.

Final Selection

The meticulous final handpicking process, in line with Pak Tak's quality standards, ensures the ultimate product's maximum quality.


We offer various packaging options tailored to customer orders and specific requirements, ensuring products are carefully packaged for safe delivery to our customers.